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Earth Song founders....

Earth Song co-founders - Cindy Farmer and Steve Andrews      The most essential element of the “Earth Song” project is the human spirit. Without a dynamic vision & energetic guidance, it is just another family farm.

     Earth Song is being created and developed by Steve Andrews and Cindy Farmer and others who may join us.

     We have no connection to any government anything and have no outside source of funding. We are not affiliated with any church, belief system or any other organization.

     This is simply how we believe we have been called to live and how to best share the wisdom that has been given to us. We are also on the adventure!

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews      Steve’s college education at Kent State University includes a minor in Architecture with an emphasis on energy systems in housing. His major in Industrial Arts Education further refined his skills in multi-disciplinary areas and the talent to teach others. As a graduate assistant, he assisted in woodworking and graphic arts, and taught design. Following college, Steve taught Industrial Arts at Medina High School for 4 years.

     Steve then started “Camelot Printing” to serve the Medina County area. The company has been at the leading edge of the desk-top computer revolution and has been the county’s most trusted printer.

     In 1977, Steve purchased 10 acres in southern Medina County. Then he designed and built his own super-insulated, handicapped-accessible home.

     Steve and his wife were also one of the earliest home schoolers in Medina County. They started and co-lead for over 10 years, the Medina Co. Home School Support Group which annually served 600 - 1000 students.

     Steve is an accomplished public speaker, leader and inspirer. He is deeply committed to doing the “right thing” - no matter what the cost. He has never been concerned about the bottom line, believing that, as King Arthur put it “Right makes Might”.

     Along life’s path, Steve’s wife was diagnosed with MS. After patiently expecting the medical world to “solve“ her medical problems, he came to the realization that they had no answer of what causes MS or how to stop it, let alone reverse its damage.

     It was at that point, he began researching nutrition as a key to his wife’s illness. He built a 1500 sq. ft. hoop greenhouse and started producing hydroponic tomatoes and other vegetables. It also was a place to take his wife in the colder periods so she could get more sunshine; the benefit of which seemed to be related to her disease. His research into organic gardening was thus born and has increased dramatically, even though his wife’s health finally disintegrated and she passed on in 2005.

Cindy Farmer

Cindy Farmer      Cindy is a very “gifted” artist. She received a scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design and then worked for Ohio Bell for 8 years as senior artist. Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom, she developed her own art business, specializing in portraiture, pen and ink drawings, colored pencil and pastels.

     Her animal and wildlife drawings are shown at art fairs and gallery exhibits. She also has taught portrait drawing classes. Owning her own studio has taught her marketing, production, displays and finance skills. She would work on her art late at night after her mothering skills were done for the day.

     Cindy’s most recent project is a visionary series of 12 drawings called “Exploring Life, Spirituality and Higher Consciousness through Art”. The art work symbolically asks the questions we all want answers to such as... Who are we?... Where do we come from?... What is our purpose here? This project has been made into a traveling exhibit and is being shown at various health and life expos, churches, libraries, etc.   See the Art Project here.

     Cindy has been passionate about nutrition and earth-friendly living since high school when she avidly read “Mother Earth News”, “Prevention Magazine”, and was fascinated with alternative energy. She’s had an organic garden for many years, learning the ways of plants and medicinal herbs, and caring for the farm animals. Cindy has a gentle spirit that endears people to her.

     With over 30 years training in the Chinese martial arts, Cindy is a certified Tai Chi Chuan and Qi-Gong instructor. She has participated on demonstration teams and also teaches stretching, meditation & body awareness classes. Cindy is also an avid racquetball player and skier.

     Through her work in the martial arts, Cindy has studied Eastern philosophy, meditation, and various forms of energy work using the body’s “Chi” or life-force. She is certified in sound frequency healing using tuning forks through Dr. David Hulse (SomaEnergetics). Cindy is also a certified practitioner of the “Reconnection” (energy healing) through Dr. Eric Pearl.

     More recently, Cindy has turned her focus to helping people with their many health problems. She has been a Medicinal Herbalist for many years and has now become certified in Iris Analysis and Regenerative Detoxification (as taught by Dr. Robert Morse). Other areas of training include foot reflexology, thai yoga massage, kinesiology and dowsing. She advocates a holistic approach to nutrition, health and lifestyle and is available for individual counseling or presentations to groups.


     Steve and Cindy met in 2005 and soon discovered their mutual interests in dancing, organic gardening, alternative medicine and spiritual growth. One of their early projects was called “Oh, My Goodness!”.... a healthy-food concession business, specializing in real fruit smoothies, fruit bowls, organic salads and wraps. The summer months would find them at festivals and fairs offering a healthy alternative to the usual “fair” food.

     Steve and Cindy are both loyal fans of “Coast to Coast” radio show and are avid readers, with bulging book cases. Our research for the past year has been focused on bio-dynamic gardening, nutrition, spiritual growth and energy healing.

     Together, they have brought their dream of living a simple, holistic lifestyle into reality with the creation of “Earth Song”.

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