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Mission Statement

Earth Song Mission....

     Our goal is to create a simple, holistic, self-sufficient lifestyle in tune with the rhythms of nature and in harmony with all life. And in so doing, we intend to help, serve and assist others to see and realize a more sensible way of living and thriving on this planet.

     With an attitude of love, honor, respect, and compassion we will provide education, inspiration, encouragement, resources and a sense of community. We will joyfully produce natural, wholesome organic food, encourage creative and spiritual growth, offer natural alternative healing methods to those in need and help people discover their reason for existence.

     With peace, love and humility, and through the guidance of Divine Spirit, we intend to act as a “bridge” helping others through the coming Earth changes and transitions.


The world today.....

     As we look around us today, it is quite obvious that mankind has not kept the basic care and balance of the Earth in mind as we built up our industrialized civilizations, technologies and modern lifestyles.

     We have irresponsibly developed non-sustainable practices of food & energy production, depleted the minerals from our soils, destroyed wildlife habitat, and have dumped toxins into our air, water and food supplies. We have forgotten the ideas of integration and oneness of all creation.

     There is a growing realization that human life on Earth must make significant changes, if we are to survive. Indeed, a revolution is underway.... a desperate movement to re-establish a respectful, loving, harmonious and spiritual “re-connection” to our Earth.

     These current times have been bringing us into a new age. A “shift” in the Earth’s energies.... a paradigm shift - calling for transition, purification and re-alignment with natural forces. Human consciousness is rising to a higher vibrational level. We must re-learn lessons and seek the ancient wisdom and understanding of our ancestors.


New goals for Holistic Earth-friendly living.....

  • Reliable and sustainable food and energy sources
  • Bio-dynamic farming using subtle vibratory and magnetic energies
  • Energy-efficient, creative and harmonious building designs
  • Connection to rhythms of nature (seasons, moon cycles, Earth & Sun’s magnetic forces)
  • Develop necessary homesteading skills, crafts and food preservation
  • Take back responsibility for our health using holistic and natural healing methods, knowing that our own bodies have the intelligence to heal
  • Nurture and provide education and inspiration for our children
  • Extended “families” and small communities sharing resources
  • Spiritual joy & growth - creative artistic expression, music, and dance
  • Attitude of heart consciousness, co-operation, unity, non-materialism, service-to-others, attunement to Divine spirit
  • Promote peace, harmony, vitality, self-sufficiency

     Let us take over our rightful place as “temporary” caretakers of Earth’s eco-systems. Let us build a peaceful, harmonious and thriving civilization that we can be proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Go within...    In your heart, you will remember and know.


Thoughts on.....

Energy -

     What we thought we knew about energy is probably about on the kindergarten level. Quantum physics shows us that everything, including matter is vibrational energy. Every person, object, food, virus, chemical, etc. has a specific frequency. Our thoughts, prayers and emotions are an energy. Our world has an endless supply and many secrets waiting to be discovered, understood, and used wisely.

Food -

     One of our most amazing gifts. Everything our body needs is provided for by all the plant resources growing here on earth. Without plants, we would all die. Only plants are able to convert the energy of the sun into a form that people and animals can utilize. Natural, raw and unprocessed food supply us with the “life force” energy we need for our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to operate at the highest levels.

Healing -

     No doctor or healing practitioner has ever healed anyone! Through their skills, they can get information from your body that shows the imbalances or cause of your health problem. Once your body is given what it needs, the healing comes from within. Trust in the Divine intelligence of your being. Health is the “natural” state of your body.

Family -

     We were intended to be in community - not big, but small groups. Community also means love, support and encouraging growth at all ages from small children to our great grandparents.

Learning -

     Nobody teaches us! We have to discover life in our own way or it isn’t ours. We must have our own “knowing”. Mentoring works great as long as the guide is creating an AH-HA experience.

Work -

     What is retirement? When you find what it is you love to do, you’ll never have to “work”. Put your heart into it and live your passion every day, growing in skill and knowledge, searching for mastery, and sharing your discoveries along the path.

Love -

     The greatest gift and most powerful force in the universe. When a couple has their first baby, they love it with everything they have. When a second baby comes along, do they love the first one less? Loving has no boundaries, no limits. It can grow to encompass all that you allow it to. It is a choice that is made moment by moment. By being and living “love”, we attract more love into our lives.

Words -

     Words are vibrational energy released by thoughts. Thoughts are also energy. In fact, quantum physics shows that everything has a vibration and the interactions create our world. God “spoke” everything into existence. Likewise, you are capable of creating your world by your thoughts. Think and speak wisely!

Prayer -

     If you pray “for” something for instance - “rain”; it automatically implies that you are “lacking”, which is based on fear... fear of crop failure, fear of drinking water shortages, etc. By the law of attraction, you will bring more fear into your life. However.... if you desire rain - pray the “feeling” of rain, through your senses. Visualize rain drops falling from the sky. Smell the scent of rain in the air. Hear it hitting the roof tops & windows. Feel the rain soaking your clothes and your feet getting wet as you walk through the muddy puddles. Imagine that it is already raining right now and give many thanks.

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