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“Volunteer Workers at Earth Song Farm

“W.W.O.O.F.” - USA
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

     Wwoof-USA is part of a world-wide effort to link volunteers with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.

     The program is open to anyone regardless of experience. Your volunteer help is traded for food, accommodation, farming expertise and memorable hands-on experiences.

music around the campfire
     If interested in the program go to It is easy to become a member and there are over a thousand host farms across the country.
     Also, you don't have to be a member to volunteer at Earth Song Farm. Call anytime to arrange a visit.

Would you like to live on our farm for a time?

     Earth Song Discovery Farm is an operating eco-center based on food production. It consists of a super-insulated ranch house, an underground greenhouse and teaching center, a goat barn, a large chicken coop, 2 hoop style greenhouses, several gardens and a pond. Our goal is to guide young people to a holistic view of living simply, in tune with nature. Your experience is both hands-on and discussion based. The farm teaches bio-intensive, organic field production, biodynamic methods, hydroponics and raised bed gardening. We are constantly searching for ways to grow more sustainably and in tune with nature. As such we are spiritual beings. Your experience here will change your view of life.

     We are very concerned about the collapse of our nation both physically and morally. We are very aware of major earth changes that are taking place and are tuned in to prophecy. We read extensively and have been able to connect many of the dots. This year looks to be a very rocky year with earth changes causing food crop failures globally, the falling value of the dollar and the resulting increases in costs and the continued economic collapse. On the positive side we do see many people starting their own gardens and recognizing the value of local farm markets. People are waking up, searching hard to understand what is truly going on in our world.

     There are no formal classes at this time as the eco-center is still under construction, but on the farm, your whole day is a classroom! You're learning how your very attitude can affect a plants desire to produce. Will plants like it if I sing to them - or doesn't it matter? You may be contemplating moral marketing ideas as you lay on your back taking in the starlit skies. What is the relationship of the planets and moon to growing cycles? Are there fairies, gnomes and nature spirits that actually guide the plants in their growth? Can a plant transmute one element from another if it isn't available in the soil? Can sea water be used in hydroponic growing systems? How much time does it take to grow 1000 worms into 1 million worms? Does a chicken freak out if you hold him upside down by his legs? Can a pyramid shape accelerate plant growth? What's it like to live in an underground house? Could I build something like this? Is it possible to survive on a micro-farm? These are the thoughts we live each day. We don't care who got kicked off American Idol. We rarely go to a store and our best friends are our market customers, farm visitors, interns and woofers, and especially our goats. Most of the world doesn't "get it", including some of our own family. We know in our hearts that we have been called just like Noah to create an ark of sorts and get ready for the coming storm.

Living guidelines at Earth Song Farm.....

     Since we are promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle, there is no smoking, alcohol or drugs permitted on the property. We use language that promotes kindness. This is not necessarily politically correct words, because we are also very truthful. We simply try to find words that encourage and build people up. We work as a team recognizing that each person brings skills and talents that should be optimized. We teach, but we also learn something from each person that comes here. We love having guests on the farm and look forward to sharing lives and ideas with each of you.

Work hours... Farming is hard work and requires daily discipline. This is not a resort or party center. During the season, we sell at 1 large and 1 small, local farm markets. We expect a minimum of 6 hours a day, 5 days a week in exchange for room and board. We are also understanding and flexible to each person's needs.

Housing... There are 2 bedrooms available in the main house with more under construction in the underground eco-center. The eco-center is an off-grid model green living center. Some bring their own campers or prefer to stay in tents.

Meals are shared and come primarily from the farm production. Simple, healthy food is prepared from scratch. We encourage sharing cooking responsibilities and cleanup. That's life. Special diets within limits can be accommodated. We are not vegetarian, but our meat is usually farm raised and minimal.

Internet... We now have Internet available on the farm. The Lodi library 3 miles away also has Internet and free computer use. We also have a library here of over 1500 books that you will most likely find addictive.

Activities... Evenings may include small fires out under the stars with storytelling and drumming. There are also lively discussions about current and future events, and many visiors bring insights into life from different countries and cultures all over the world. There are plenty of surrounding woods and fields for hiking and wild food foraging. There are also numerous parks within 5 miles that include hiking/bike trails, lakes and plenty of natural, though not sensational, beauty. Swimming is available in our pond.

We have a large Amish community nearby that we interact with regularly. You will discover the beauty of their lives and the simplicity of their farming techniques. Usually it is a closed society, but because we have already opened the door with them, you will get an insider glimpse that most "English" never experience.

What will you discover here besides organic farming?

    - Seedling production and transplants along with soil preparation.
    - Hydroponic lettuce, tomato, cucumber and strawberry production.
    - Raised bed greenhouse intensive gardening.
    - Basic small animal care with chickens and milking goats.
    - Bee-keeping and vermiculture (raising worms)
    - Farm market selling and purchasing additional produce from local Amish farms.
    - Simple living with alternative construction techniques and minimal energy use.
    - Alternative power generation with solar and wind power.
    - Quality nutrition to optimize energy and minimize health issues.
    - Growing, harvesting and working with herbs; wild food foraging.

Past volunteers.....

     At Earth Song Farm, we enjoy helping the volunteers in their discoveries. We find that we learn something from each of them, too! Here are some of the many volunteers that we have hosted....

Steve and Noah

Steve - from Brunswick, Ohio
     Degree in advertising and marketing, real estate license, reiki student, member theosophical society, teacher’s aid at a Waldorf school. Loves being close to nature, learning about bio-dynamic methods, interested in herb growing. Met “Alyssa” at the farm and eventually got married.


Harmony - from Columbus, Ohio
    Did wwoofing in California last year. Full of joy and appreciation, eager to learn, beautiful voice - loves to sing while working. Enjoys a side benefit of wwoofing - eating good organic and nutritious food. Milked the goats, actually “likes” weeding and wants to start a farm of her own some day.

Josh Erin

Josh and Erin - Columbus, Ohio and Oregon
     Recently married, traveling in a motor home. Love every aspect of farm life - the animals, hard work, sunshine, fresh air and good food.


Mike - from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
     Degree in integrated science, spent a couple years with Americorp in New Orleans. Likes the variety of work, projects and activities at the farm. Slept out in a tent at the farm.


Brenda - from N. Ridgeville, Ohio
     Did wwoofing as part of her internship at Hocking Hills College, degree in Eco-tourism. Hard worker and very eager to learn.

Merek, Julie and family

Merek, Julie and children Ivana, Leona, Milana, and Evan - from Pennslyvania
     He is Chekoslovakian, she is Russian, the children are adorable. This family set out for a cross-country wwoofing summer to experience the variety of farm life. They visited many farms, hoping to decide on a favorite area to buy land and start their own homestead farm. They ended up starting their own homestead farm in South Dakota.


Nikki - from Medina, Ohio
     Student at New York University majoring in environmental science. Was a great help running the booth at the farmer’s market. Enjoys every new activity on the farm including running the backhoe. Especially likes picking and eating blueberries.


Steve - from Kent, Ohio
     Student at Kent State, majoring in Spanish. Very hard-working, eager to learn. Returned the following spring for a second wwoofing tour.


Cassandra - from Cleveland, Ohio
     Nurses aide at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Loves being out in nature and working in the garden. Slept in a hammock outside at night.

Jing Jing painting

Jing - from Najing, China
     Travels the world as a sales rep. for a high-tech insulation company in China. Coming from a city of 16 million people, farm life is quite a different experience. Her English was very good and we enjoyed learning about her culture as she tried to understand ours. Jing liked working on the eco-center and especially liked learning to bake chocolate chip cookies.


Curtis - from Lancaster, Ohio
     Student at Ohio University majoring in environmental science. Very eager and appreciative helper. Enjoyed being a part of the eco-center construction and would have liked to stay longer.

Tenee - from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
     This was a very different lifestyle from what she had come from. She enjoyed eating fresh organic food, milking the goats, and working the farmer’s market booth. The highlight for Tenee was learning to drive tractor and operate a back hoe.


Gabe - from Cleveland
     Having had previous experience working on other farms, Gabe was at home with this lifestyle. Gabe eagerly helped with the unpleasant chore of cleaning the chicken coop. He also worked on setting up the wind generator system and helped a lot in the greenhouse.

Matt - from Cincinnati, Ohio
     With an interest in permaculture, organic farming and sustainability, Matt hopes to start his own homestead in the future.

Sam - originally from Peru, South America
     Hard-worker, interested in permaculture, simple living, and sustainable farming.

Roberto and Yoda - originally from Mexico
     With his interest in hydroponic growing, Roberto took charge of our greenhouse hydroponic growing for the summer. Roberto and some friends eventually started their own hydroponics place in Colorado.

Barbara - from Brazil
     Very people oriented, Barbara was a great help at the farmers market. We learned some Portugese from her as she worked on learning her English a little better. Barbara was a great help on the farm and in the kitchen. We enjoyed her friendly outgoing and happy personality.

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