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Earth Song Farm - General Store


Step back to an old-time General Store.
Step forward to the best foods and simple products!

     Step back in time to the small town general store where the owner knows you by name and will get exactly what you are looking for. Walk away from the big box stores and get your life back to a simpler time.

    Sit and talk with the owners or other customers and find a freshness that even facebook can’t provide. Pet the animals, see the food growing in the gardens, feel the earth. This is as homespun as you’re going to find. Make it a regular destination - just for your spirit!

Just For You!....

Organic and healthy foods for you and your family all year round.

More people are realizing that their health is directly related to the
foods they are eating. We invite you to eat healthy at every meal.



     Some of the items available....


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