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Earth Song Farm - Art Prints

Art Project
A traveling art project entitled:
“Exploring Life, Spirituality and
Higher Consciousness Through Art”
.....12 inspired works of a spiritual
         and thought-provoking nature.
Each piece is accompanied by an artist's statement
explaining the symbology, sacred geometry and theme.
If you haven't seen the exhibit already, you are invited to
view the entire project here...
  Art Prints and Booklet....     11" x 14" prints are $12.00 each.
Constructing the Universe
Constructing the Universe
...sacred geometry
Dance of Life
Dance of Life
...mysteries of DNA
Two Become One
Two Become One
...unconditional love

Love One Another
Love One Another
...make me an instrument
Power of Prayer
Power of Prayer
...the quantum world
Energy Healing
Energy Healing
...reconnect to source

Look Within
Look Within
...honor yourself
Towards the Light
Towards the Light
...the other side
Hope for the Future
Hope for the Future
...the indigo children

Higher Consciousness
Higher Consciousness
...planetary shift
We are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone
...extraterrestrial presence
We All are One
We All Are One in harmony
Contains all 12 art pieces plus artist bio and statements
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