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Earth Song Farm

Herbal Teas and Other Herb Products

potted herbs

   Nature really does know best!

    Enjoy the health benefits of the many herbs and plants that are provided by our wise Mother Earth.

    Here at Earth Song Farm, our herbal products are hand-crafted in small batches with loving care, using our own organically grown herbs, and other wild plants from the surrounding fields and woodlands.

Herbal Tea Blends....
   Organically grown, loose leaf style, naturally caffeine free, 2.5 oz. size with recloseable bag,...    $5.00 each.
cup of 

herbal tea herbal 

tea pack
Sunrise - Wake up with this mentally refreshing and good-tasting tea blend. Ginkgo biloba and gotu kola help with brain function, memory and mental clarity. Contains: ginkgo leaf, gotu kola, red clover blossoms, rosemary leaf, peppermint and ginger root.
Rainbow - Beat the blues with this wonderful up- lifting blend. Contains: rose hips, hibiscus flower, red clover blossoms, peppermint, horsetail herb, oatstraw, nettle leaf and ginger root.
Peace Song - Gentle and calming fragrance. Wonderful for those quiet moments of reflection and meditation. Contains: chamomile, spearmint, rose hips, passionflower, lavender, cinnamon and cardomom.
Happy Tummy - Sooth your upset stomach, indigestion, gas or nausea feelings. Contains: catnip, spearmint, calendula flowers, fennel seed, rosemary, skullcap and lemon balm.
Lightning - Overcome daily stress and illness by strengthening your immune system. Contains: red clover blossoms, echinadea root, tulsi (Holy basil), St. Johns wort, nettle, pau d'arco, cinnamon and ginger.
Cold and Flu Tea - For comfort and relief. Also for protection when others around you have colds. Contains: red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, nettle, peppermint, yarrow and elder flower.
Women's Freedom - Help balance hormones, sooth mood swings and hot flashes with this restorative tea blend. Contains: dong quai, wild yam, chaste tree berry, motherwort, red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, horsetail herb, nettle, cinnamon and ginger.
Lullaby - Calming and relaxing... especially good before bed time. Contains: chamomile, lemon balm, hibiscus flower, hops flower, lavender, passionflower, catnip, skullcap and valerian root.

Single Herb Teas....
   Organically grown, bulk style, naturally caffeine free, .75 oz. size with recloseable bag,...   $2.00 each.
single herb teas
Your choice of: - bergamot, burdock, catnip, chamomile, calendula, dandelion, echinacea, elder flower, feverfew, gingko biloba, hawthorn berry, hibiscus, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, linden flower, nettles, passionflower, peppermint, red clover, red raspberry leaf, rose hips, rosemary, sassafras, self-heal, spearmint, tulsi (Holy basil)

name of herb
Herbal Spray Mist....   Use herbal spray mists on body, hair, clothes, pillows, linens, towels, or as an air freshener. Made from organic essential oils. Never any synthetic fragrances. Comes in 2 oz. size with pump spray.

   Geranium Rose...  a classic fragrance
   Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and essential oil of geranium rose.

   Juniper - Pine...  woodlands fresh
   Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and essential oils of juniper and pine.

   Lavender...  soothing - calming
   Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and essential oil of lavender.

   Lemon - Mint...  refreshing - uplifting
   Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and essential oils of lemon and mint.

herbal spray mist
choose variety

Herbal Salve.... Natural healing salve.  Available in 1 or 2 oz. sizes.
    An effective, timeless remedy with healing, soothing and anti-bacterial qualities. Use on scrapes, rashes, insect bites, burns, eczema, poison ivy, dry or chapped skin, etc. Made from our own organically grown herbs.
     Contains: calendula, plantain, comfrey, goldenseal and chickweed - extracted and concentrated in an olive oil and beeswax base. Store in a cool, dry place.  (For external use only).
herbal salve

Herbal Hand Cream.... Helps eczema, dry skin.  2 oz. size.
    Moisturizes, protects and promotes healthy skin.
     Contains: extra virgin olive oil infused with calendula and chickweed herbs, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax, sesame oil and essential oils.

Herbal Arthritis Rub.... Sore joint pain relief with eucalyptus.  2 oz. size.
    Soothes sore joints and aching muscles.
     Contains: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil infused with arnica; beeswax, eucalyptus oil, menthol, peppermint oil and ginger. (Do not use on broken skin.)
Herbal BUG Repellent Spray....   All Natural ingredients. Use herbal bug repellent spray mist on skin or clothes. Made with organic pure essential oils. Never any chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Comes in 2 oz. size with pump spray.
    Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and essential oils of lemon, rosemary, clove, mint, lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus and myrtle.
bug repellent
Herbal Care Gift Basket....
  A great gift idea for any occasion!
   Pamper that special someone with a collection of herbal care products in a wicker basket, wrapped in cellophane with ribbon and gift card. Offered at a discounted price. Save over buying each item individually.
    Contains: herbal salve, herbal tea, herbal spray mist, goats milk herbal soap, and bath herbs.
herbal gift basket
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