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Greenhouse Growing

     We currently have two greenhouses with another one under construction as part of the underground eco-center.

     Our small greenhouse is used mainly for starting seeds in the spring. In the larger greenhouse we grow tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, eggplant, beets, greens, flowers and more. It is great for getting a head start on growing produce for market and extending the season even into the winter months.

greenhouse growing
eco-center greenhouse
eco-center greenhouse

     The eco-center greenhouse will be used year-round for a variety of produce. We have plans for aquaculture (raising fish). The greens will feed the fish and the fish water will fertilize the growing beds. This greenhouse will also include a greywater recycling area with marsh and water plants.

    Other advantages to greenhouse growing...
  • year around growing
  • no heavy equipment
  • less labor
  • 1 acre in greenhouse = several acres in the field
  • more attractive crops
  • better control of nutrition content

Growing Methods....

     We have experimented with a variety of growing methods. Raised beds has worked really well for tomatoes and most vegetable crops. We like to use hydroponics for our strawberries, cucumbers and lettuces.

raised beds
raised beds
    young tomato plants
young tomato plants


     Hydroponics is a controlled environment growing system. Although it appears to use more energy than field planting, it doesn't. Hydroponics uses only 5% of a normal garden's water, and supplies nutrients directly to the roots, including trace minerals.

     There are several hydroponic methods. Our strawberries and cucumbers are grown in containers with a mix of perlite and coconut fiber. Lettuce on the other hand, grows very well in trays that have a continuous flow of nutrient water going through. This keeps the roots cool which prevents bolting (going to seed) in the hot summer.

     The temperature, humidity, light levels and even the amount of carbon dioxide can be optimized to allow plants to fully realize their potential. The results are phenomenal... vibrant, delicious, nutrient-rich produce.

hydroponic lettuce
hydroponic lettuce
hydroponic cucumbers
hydroponic cucumbers
    hydroponic strawberries
hydroponic strawberries


     Earth Song is consulting with Crop King of Lodi (the worldwide hydroponics systems leader) for our greenhouse expertise. We hope to develop not only a highly productive 4,000 sq. ft. facility, but also an ongoing research site, working to increase the nutritional content of the produce and reduce energy costs of running the greenhouse. Our goal is to come up with low-tech ways of managing and controlling conditions in the greenhouse.

greenhouse tour
greenhouse tour

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