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Iris Analysis (Iridology)

Your eyes have long been referred to as the “Windows of the Soul”,
but they can also be an indicator or “reflection” of our health.

What Are YOUR Eyes Saying
About Your Health?....

Iris analysis is a way of looking at the “whole” body health, tissue and organ weakness, instead of diagnosing a “disease” based on physical symptoms.

Your eyes can reveal inherent weaknesses, areas of congestion, toxin deposits, malabsorption, glandular inbalances, nervous system condition and much more.

What Is Iridology?....

The science of iridology is based on the study of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the entire body - the IRIS (or colored area) of the eye.

Iris analysis is a simple, painless, non-invasive tool used to “look” into the body by observing the iris of the eye. It is somewhat similar to foot reflexology, which shows how points on the bottom of the feet correspond to different parts of the body. The various areas of the iris also relate to organs and other parts of the body (for example the stomach and colon area is right around the pupil), while certain signs, colors, and structure of the individual fibers shows conditions, weaknesses and problem areas.

The eyes are an input extension of the brain. Every fiber in the iris (with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings) connects to the brain through the optic nerve. Since the brain is connected to the body, when something happens in our tissue, the message is transported from the body to the brain and imprinted into the iris of the eye.

80% of diseases treated in this country are of a chronic nature, the conditions of which can easily be seen reflected in the iris. The progression of either regeneration or decline can be monitored better in the iris of the eye than, possibly, by any other method of analysis. Many naturopathic or holistic health care doctors use an iris analysis with other diagnostic techniques to facilitate a more complete understanding of their patient’s health care needs.

A Brief History....

Although the study of eyes goes back thousands of years with the Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese, more recent Iridology research began in 1670 in Germany when Dr. Philippus Meyens published a paper describing the eyes of his patients when they became sick or injured.

He noticed changes in the eye that came with healing and was able to link points on the iris to specific parts of the body. By observing the eye, he was eventually able to identify areas in the body in need of support which would show up in the eye long before physical symptoms would manifest.

In the late 1800’s, a physician from Hungary and another from Sweden began observing eyes and organizing their findings. The process of observation and correlating has been slow, but it established a foundation for others to build on.

Extensive research has been carried out in Europe where iridology is widely accepted as a valuable preventative health care approach. In America, Dr. Bernard Jenson is credited with keeping iridology alive. He developed the most comprehensive and accurate iris chart showing the location of the organs as they reflex in the iris of the eye.

Dr. Bernard Jensen

What Can Iridology Tell You?....

  • Reveals body constitution and inherent weaknesses.
  • The condition of the various organs and body systems.
  • Areas where inflammation is present.
  • Locations of toxic accumulations or drug deposits.
  • Shows indication of healing progress.
  • Locates areas of acidity or toxicity.
  • Potential for varicose vein development.
  • Areas of chronic low-grade infection.
  • Lymphatic system congestion.
  • Can indicate poor assimilation of nutrients.
  • Adrenal exhaustion.
  • Reveals condition of nervous system.
  • Show problem areas of the stomach and bowels.
  • Helps monitor chronically affected tissues.
  • Can alert you to health problems before symptoms are present.

What Iridology Cannot Show....

  • Cannot diagnose specific diseases.
  • Does not show gallstones or kidney stones.
  • Cannot measure Blood Pressure or Blood Sugar levels.
  • Whether a tumor is present.
  • Location of parasites, viral or bacterial infections.... although it can show the condition of tissue that may allow this development.
  • Iridology is not a psychic analysis.
  • Does not reveal pregnancy - it is a normal condition.
  • Will not indicate whether an operation is necessary.
  • Specific medications or drugs used, present or past.
  • What surgical operations a person has had.
  • Whether a subject is male or female.
  • A blockage in a cardiac artery.

Samples of Common Iris Signs....



lacuna (areas of
inherent weakness)

yellow-orange color
sulphur deposits

nerve or
stress rings

scurf or skin ring
(acid accumulation)

lymphatic rosary
(lymph congestion)

cholesterol or
calcium ring

bowel pockets

aracus senilis
(poor circulation,

radii solaris (toxic
tunnels from colon
to areas in body)



Interesting how not only do our eyes
enable us to bring images of the
outside world within, but they also
show us images of what is
within to the outside.


Your Health....

The wisest way to safeguard your health is to know and understand your body thoroughly. When you take care of your body, your reward is wellness. You feel and look younger. You experience more energy and enthusiasm.

Iridology’s concern is with the cause of dis-ease, the detoxification of the body and the restoration and maintenance of health.

Iris Analysis is available here....

Here at Earth Song Farm, you can make an appointment for an Iris analysis. A special iris photo is taken that will be enlarged to see more detail. We then observe and study the fibers and other markings. The information your body tells you through an iris analysis will assist you in determining what areas need work and how to improve your health.

Recommendations may include information on detoxification, nutritional guidance, kidney filtration, lymph drainage, herbal support, stress management, digestive assistance, endocrine gland balancing, emotional support and more.

We also offer....
  • Regenerative Detoxification - as taught by Dr. Robert Morse
  • Health Assessment consultations
  • Our own Herbal Tinctures

We offer our help and assistance with your journey to vibrant health. We are not about selling products and making money. Our goal... help people understand and take back their health.

Schedule an appointment.... 330-948-2672

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