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Organic Isn’t Good Enough!


How Do You Grow Better than Organic? ....

For some people, the word “organic” simply means that no chemical sprays were used on the plants.

This is good, but says nothing about the nutrient content of the produce.

You can have “organic” food that has no more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown, if the soil is deficient.

Over the years, our soils have been depleted of minerals and trace minerals, which are absolutely essential for our health. Farmers that add commercial NPK fertilizers are only adding three basic minerals - nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Where’s all the secondary and trace minerals?

Plants can’t “make” minerals. The minerals have to be in the soil first, then the microbial life in the soil turns the minerals into a liquid form that the plant can take up.

When chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and manures that contain antibiotics are put on the soil, the microbial life is also killed. The soil is biologically “dead” and cannot provide minerals for plant uptake.

So..... What IS Better than Organic?

“Nutrient - Dense!”

Earth Song Farm has taken steps
to re-mineralize our soil,
encourage microbial growth
and increase the nutrient content
of our produce.

  • Ancient sea salts add trace minerals to the soil.
  • Paramagnetic quartz sand, rock powders and wood ash also add minerals.
  • Compost and antibiotic-free manures feed the microbes.
  • Bio-dynamic methods energize the soil and add a spiritual element, helping to optimize plant growth and health.
  • Kelp seaweed and fish emulsion supplements add trace minerals.
  • Cover crops are turned back into the soil to increase nutrient content.
  • No-till methods do not disturb essential mycorrhizal growth and natural microbe activity.
  • Routine soil analysis help monitor mineral content, pH levels, etc.


Not only are we growing food organically
without chemical herbicides, pesticides and GMO‘s,
we are growing re-mineralized “nutrient dense” food
to supply more vitamins, minerals and “life energy”.....

“For Your Health!”

Thank you for your support !

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