Hope for the Future
The Indigo Children
Hope for the Future

    What kind of a future is there for our children...   our grand-children?  What is an “indigo” or “star” child?

    A lot of us are in a strange “comfort zone” now days....   always needing to be entertained, watching sports instead of actively participating, watching endless hours of mindless TV shows, playing “artificial reality” video games, etc.   We don’t spend very much time playing outdoors. We are programmed not to think for ourselves.  We are taught absolutes.....   “this is just the way things are”...   “we’ve always done it like that”...   “this is the way our ‘tribe’ thinks”, etc.

    Science holds steadfast to their declared “laws of the universe”.  Churches say they are the only true religion.  Anyone who thinks “out-of-the-box”, or tries to live a life outside this artificial “norm” is labeled some kind of “wacko”.

    What does the future hold for our children if we stay “numbed and dumbed down” as the world around us becomes more polluted and the people becomes more diseased?  Can we climb out of the comfort zone and into the discovery zone?  Can we find real purpose in our lives?

    We know that there is so much more to understand about life, energy, the universe, our bodies, our brain, the spiritual world, the quantum world, consciousness, etc.  How can we encourage our children to question, invent, explore or dream of other possibilities?  Our job is at hand....   let’s raise our children to live lives of purpose and meaning, let’s develop more holistic lifestyles, take better care of ourselves and the planet, evolve into a more spiritual and conscious society.  Give our children the key to a better future.

    There’s a new “breed” of children being born into the world today, called “indigo” or “star” children.  They have certain spiritual abilities, extrasensory perception, intuitive gifts, and are more precognitive and visionary.  They are said to have more evolved or activated DNA.  They are here to assist the planet as it grows to a higher level of consciousness.  As a society, we have labeled many of these children as mentally ill and hyperactive.  We have medicated them and created categories to shove them into like ADD, ADHD, autistic, hallucinogenic, etc.  In reality, because of their spiritual gifts and qualities, they experience this world differently than the adults in it.  As their parents, we must develop an understanding of this.  We must support them in fine-tuning their spiritual gifts, and not stifle them or shut them down.

    In this drawing, the symbol of an atom with electrons revolving around its nucleus, represents endless energy, movement, joy, mystery....   (kind of like children).  It also resembles a mini solar system.  In spite of 100 years of research, the atom is still not fully understood by physicists.  (Are children fully understood?)  If you study the orbiting electron paths, you may discover a hidden “star” pattern.

    As we encourage our children to grow, discover, and mature into responsible adults of the future, we might want to consider adding a few “child-like” qualities to our own lives.....   laugh and play, sing and dance, explore, dream and imagine!  We are certainly meant to live healthy lives full of joy, passion and wonder.


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