Look Within
Honor Yourself
Look Within

    How can one achieve optimal health? How do we integrate body, mind, and spirit? Why should we meditate?

    Life is a balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit.... when one is out of balance, it will affect the others. Our negative emotions and thoughts can manifest as physical problems in our body.

    Too many people rely on others to direct their health and their lives....

  • the FDA and TV advertisements tell us what foods are “healthy” to eat and how much of each vitamin and mineral we need.
  • the pharmaceutical industry pushes drugs for our various symptoms.
  • doctors treat our symptoms, poison us with chemicals and radiation, and cut out our cancers.
  • psychiatrists give us drugs for stress and other emotional problems.
  • the government tells us how much poison and chemicals we can put in our food, the air, and our environment.

    It is time to take back responsibility for our selves - our health, our environment, physical fitness, diet, emotional and physical healing. Health is the “natural” state of your body. What we take into our bodies has by far the most impact. Natural, raw and unprocessed foods full of vibrant energy will nourish and purify your physical body, open and clarify your mind, and raise your spirituality and consciousness level to it’s maximum potential.

    Your physical body craves movement and stimulation. There are many choices, including for example, the ancient practices of yoga, tai chi and dance. Exercising your body provides many other related health benefits...   reduced stress, better sleep, improved circulation, emotional well being, etc. Emotions are natural and healthy - enjoy them as a tool in life. Be joyful, passionate, sad, enthusiastic...   laugh and play well!

    Just a few minutes of meditation every day can bring amazing benefits....   peace, insight, answers, lower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduce stress, rejuvenate, increase creativity, connection to Source/ Creator. Breath is life! It is the essential link between body and mind. Consider adding breathing exercises like QiGong to your daily routine. Getting close to nature is the greatest wonder we can experience for our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

    The beautiful, multi-faceted shape in this drawing is the icosahedron. It is built around the pentagon and the golden section. Every face of the icosahedron is an equilateral triangle, reminding us that our lives, too have many parts, all equally important to the whole.

    Life transformation is an inner journey. You have power and knowledge within you...   it is already there, waiting for you to discover/ remember. Within you are the seeds of greatness, of discipline, of excellence, of destiny, of divinity. There is all the time you need in each present moment.


Suggested reading:

Wisdom of the Ages, Wayne Dyer
The Sunfood Diet Success System, David Wolfe
The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
Remembering Wholeness, Carol Tuttle
www.mercola.com - Number one natural health resource website

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