Power of Prayer
The Quantum World
Power of Prayer

    Every culture the world over, every religion and every belief system, utilizes some form of prayer/ meditation/ spiritual healing.

    How does prayer work?  What is the best way to pray?

    At the quantum level, prayers/ thoughts are vibration. Science doesn’t exactly know how it works and cannot prove or duplicate experiments, but the results from these many experiments can be measured:

  • the affect of thoughts and emotions on plants
  • double blind studies on groups with health problems - prayed for vs. not prayed for
  • energy healing, distance healing
  • group or mass consciousness intention and prayers
  • thought affecting the crystalline structure of water molecules
  • vibration affecting form (cymatics) - specific patterns formed when vibrating sand or other materials to a particular frequency

    Research has been done on how the monks pray,....   not only with intention, but through meditation, through an altered state of consciousness, actually “feeling” the emotions of love, and “visualizing” healing taking place.

    The geometrical design in this drawing is the ancient sri yantra.... the visible “OM”. There is a mysterious beauty in this symbol of 9 isosceles triangles that intertwine in perfect balance and harmony. Like a mandala, the yantra is used to focus the mind, concentrate and meditate.

    A drop of water sends ripples of energy throughout the body of water, just as our thoughts send out a vibrational energy throughout the universe.

    Faith is the ability to have trust in powers greater than yourself, to enter confidently into the unknown, and to have belief in your own abilities. It is through the principle of faith, that we can consciously tap into the infinite energy and powers of invisible forces always present and available.


Suggested reading:

Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer
Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Greg Braden
Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss
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Your Life is in Your Hands (Do Something About It), Ramon Grace

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