Two Become One
Unconditional Love
Two Become One


    LOVE.....   poets, philosophers, great teachers, etc. have given us many definitions of this universal word.  What does it mean to “love”,.....    to “be in love”,.....    and “unconditional love”?

    When two people are in love, they seem to “resonate”.....    they are “in sync” with each other, know each other’s thoughts before they speak, sense each other’s moods, and are “in tune” with each other.  Love is an energy, a power, a force...   The feeling of loving someone (whether that love is reciprocated or not), causes actual physiological changes to occur in your brain, thymus and pituitary glands.  Your vibrational level is raised, and you are sending that energy out into the universe (what goes out, is reflected back to you).

    Understand that love is not something you have to search for, chase after, or try to get.  Rather, it is something we attract in our lives by the person we become.  Love is the very essence of the law of attraction.  By being love, we receive love.

    Unconditional love, the highest and purest vibration, is at a higher level of consciousness...   it is an attitude....   a greater feeling of appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, non-judgment, and honoring the divinity within.

    The dolphins are a symbol of friendship, harmony and rebirth.  Mankind has felt an almost mystical connection to the dolphin, as they are considered to be of a higher intelligence and consciousness than other animals.

    The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet, representing purity, beauty, fertility, and enlightenment.  It is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth..... because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, then at dawn it rises and opens again.

    Learn to love!  It is magical.  Attract into your life beautiful people and relationships by becoming beautiful and loving inside.  Let your spirit sing.  Send out love vibrations to all the earth’s plants and creatures.  It is the greatest gift and the most powerful force in the universe.


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