Higher Consciousness
Planetary Shift
Higher Consciousness

    How do we achieve enlightenment?  What is meant by higher consciousness?  What causes a shift in human consciousness?

    Enlightenment is not something you find, rather an awakening to a “higher level” of thinking and being.

    It is the end of seeking and wandering, and the beginning of the journey to perfect the soul, complete your mission or purpose here on earth, and acknowledge the divinity within.

    Anything you believe and feel is a spiritual truth is something you are remembering, rather than finding.  Consider the possibility that any knowledge that rings true to you already exists within you...   vibrating and resonating with you at a cellular level.

    As you continue to give daily attention to spiritual truth by reading, listening, or practicing it, this knowledge will be woven into your consciousness as thought and behavior and you will become it.

    If the lower levels of consciousness are shame, guilt, apathy, anger, fear, etc., then quite obviously the higher levels would be acceptance, reason, love, joy and peace.  Taking responsibility for the truth of one’s life is the stepping stone to the next higher level.  Having the courage to face truth, leads to acceptance.  This leads to the level of love, which gives rise to forgiveness and then to compassion.  Compassion opens us to grace and the realization of who we are and why we’re here, which ultimately leads us back to source.

    There is a “shift” in consciousness approaching.  We have choices to make.  Where are we heading?....   5 years?, 10 years?  Time seems to be speeding up and we are getting nervous and anxious as our Earth is rapidly dying.  It is difficult to stop or change direction...   but we must realize the gravity and seriousness of the situation.  Our survival will depend on new modalities, technologies, and lifestyles that will raise our vibratory essence to enable us to live through what is ahead and actually thrive.  Energy healing, natural diets, advanced nutrition, homeopathy, development of intuition, kinesiology, dowsing, remote viewing, precognition and telepathy in the past may have seemed like laughable “woo-woo, out there” stuff, but all of it is about to become the survival tools of tomorrow.

    The Merkaba symbol you see here is based on the energy and aura fields around us, and represents spiritual growth and connection to the higher self.  It is a three-dimensional form consisting of two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointing up and the other down.  Merkaba comes from the Hebrew word “chariot” or vehicle.  It is taught that the Merkaba is an spiritual vehicle capable of carrying ones consciousness directly to higher dimensions.

    The all seeing eye, also known as the third eye, or mind’s eye, is associated with the body’s sixth chakra and pineal gland.  It is considered the center of psychic powers, spiritual vision and higher intuition.  Meditation, imagination, and visualization are all used to help activate and develop the intuitive powers of the third eye.

    The choices we make to increase our integrity, understanding, and capacity for compassion will also affect the collective consciousness of mankind.  As we become more responsible and accountable for our knowledge and deeds, we may expect great transformations throughout human culture contributing to a global enlightenment.  From compassion for each other, we can learn to forgive ourselves, and peace can then be our assured future.


Suggested reading:

Power vs. Force, David Hawkins
Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Ken Keyes
The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society, Iichi Lee
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek
Nothing in This Book Is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are, Bob Frissell

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