Constructing the Universe
Sacred Geometry
Constructing the Universe

    Have you ever gazed up at the stars at night and wondered....   What is out there?....   How did the universe begin?...   Where did we come from?

    There are many theories, spiritual and religious beliefs of ancient cultures and civilizations that offer explanations as to our origins. Our reality, the world we perceive, is only a small part of a vast and mostly invisible cosmic universe.

    What science and quantum physics has been able to tell us, is that everything in the universe has an energy, a vibrational frequency...   light, sound, thought, physical matter, etc.  We also find frequency patterns in cyclic things like the tides, change of seasons, pendulum motions, pulses, rhythmic courses of events, serial sequences, etc.

    The ancient science of sacred geometry explores and explains the energy patterns that organize, create and unify all things. In every object and pattern of growth in nature, one can find geometric shapes....   a nautilus shell, honey comb, spider’s web, pine cone, starfish, flower petals, snowflakes, etc....   small patterns that are part of larger ones.

    This first drawing in the series shows a galactic swirl representing the center of the universe, movement, energy....   nothing exists without a center around which it revolves. The beginnings of creation starts with the simplest of all shapes...   the circle (the form in which all other geometric patterns can be found)....   the foundation, spinning, turning, cycles, ripples, expansion, and unity....   Also, look for the vesica piscis - the shape that is formed when two circles overlap each other...   a portal, the beginning of duality, reproduction, and multiplying. Within the vesica piscis emerges the shape of the triangle, and eventually leads to the discovery of all other geometric forms.

    The number sequences shown are the original 6 notes of the ancient solfeggio scale... the core resonant frequencies of the universe and creation. These frequencies are unique to mathematics, physics, and divine spirituality and are associated with how the “word” acted upon water.

    Open your eyes and awaken to the magnificent mysteries of the laws, patterns, and ways of the universe. Your consciousness will develop a greater understanding and spiritual meaning as you continue your journey on this planet.


Suggested reading:

Construction of the Universe, Michael Schneider
Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice, Robert Lawlor
The Divine Proportion, H. E. Huntley
The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Lynne McTaggart
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality, Brian Greene
The Quantum World, Kenneth W. Ford and Paul Hewitt
Walk on Water, Leonard Horowitz

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