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Steve, dowsing for water


What is it? ....

     Most people have heard about the old-timers that dowsed to locate water using a tree branch. The practice is sometimes called “witching” or “divining“, although there are many different names for it. Finding an underground water source is very useful, but dowsing can be SO MUCH MORE!

     There are various methods of dowsing and many types of tools. Dowsing is a practical, decision-making process, and uses a tool to bridge the analytical and intuitive sides of our being. The dowser intuitively searches or “divines” for a visible response from a tool, usually rods or a pendulum.


     References to dowsing are found all over the world in most cultures. There are pictoglyphs of dowsing on cave walls dating back as early as 6000 BC. References to dowsing also appear at several places in the Bible.

     Dowsers have suffered a lot of ridicule over the ages, which is usually the case when people don't understand something that has no apparent explanation.

So, how does it work? ....

     To put it simply, we don't know. Although there are several theories, science cannot prove how it works. It is said that around 90% of what makes up our reality in this world, cannot be experienced through our five senses.

using the pendulum

     Dowsing is explained as an intuitive connection to the sub-conscious which is able to tap into the "universal consciousness" or "mind of God". Some relate it to the holographic idea - God is within and God is all-knowing. The dowser "tunes in" to the information similar to meditation. Others say dowsing is related to kinesiology or "muscle testing". Kinesiology is done by holding a thought or question in your mind while testing the truth or positive reaction from your sub-conscious through a muscle response.

What can dowsing be used for?....

  • Locating underground water domes and veins
  • Determining the water depth and flow rate
  • Finding lost objects
  • Agricultural purposes such as soil analysis and crop selection
  • Locating oil or mineral deposits
  • Energizing water or food
  • Locating subtle earth energies such as grid lines, vortex areas
  • Balancing energies
  • Identifying health problems, allergies, etc.
  • Removing harmful energies
  • Indicating beneficial foods or supplements
  • Sending healing energies
  • Finding answers to questions that cannot be answered by rational thought process or scientific methodology
  • Practically anything you can think of!
map dowsing
various dowsing tools, v-rod, l-rods and several types of pendulums
various dowsing tools... V-rod, l-rods and several types of pendulums

The different dowsing tools....

     Dowsing tools can be made of any material - plastic, metal, wood, etc. A pendulum for example can simply be made from a string tied to a metal nut or any suitable object.

     “Y” or “V” rod - dowser holds the two open ends, rods respond by bending up or down

     “L” or angle rod - dowser holds the short sides with the long sides being horizontal and parallel, rods respond by crossing or opening wider

     Wand or bobber - a single 3-4’ rod held at the thinner end, response is bobbing up and down or moving sideways back and forth

     Pendulum - dowser holds the string about 5-6” up, keeping arm and hand as still as possible, pendulum responds by swinging up and down, right to left, or circling clockwise or counter-clockwise

     Charts - pendulum points to answer, range or percentage

     Maps - with pendulum, a grid narrows the location of what you're looking for to a specific area

Keys to successful dowsing....

     There is no right or wrong way, just what works for you. The dowser has to learn to "tune in" mentally to the process, which actually means getting your mind out of the way and letting your sub-conscious take over.

     The scientific part of dowsing is asking the right question and knowing how to "phrase" the question. You must be open to whatever answer is brought forth and not be emotionally connected to a specific outcome. Remember you are simply searching for "truth". Dowsing is an skill that anyone can learn, and like most things, it takes a little time and practice.

Books and dowsing groups....

The Future is Yours, Do Something About It!, Raymon Grace

Dowsing for Beginners, Richard Webster

American Society of Dowsers, regional and local chapters -
     Ohio Buckeye Dowsers, monthly meetings in Richfield, OH
         info. - Jim Davis 330-981-3300

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