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Earth Song Farm - Products

herbal tea bath

Herbal Bath Teas and
Therapeutic Bath Soaks -

     With our modern hurried lifestyle, a quick shower in the morning or after working out is usually the norm. You would do yourself a healthy favor by making time for a more leisurely soak with nutritive and healing herbal baths. Bathing in water infused with the goodness of herbs, mineral salts, essential oils, and other healthful ingredients is a lovely, healing way to care for yourself or another.

     In America, bathing is viewed more for relaxation than detoxification as a general rule. The focus on bathing enjoyment can be observed at bed and bath stores where a plethora of chemical, artificially dyed, synthetic fragrance scented, hormone-disrupting bubble bath concoctions are best sellers year round.

     Your skin is your body’s largest organ....  playing a critical role in detoxification and absorption. About 25% of the toxins in your body are eliminated through the skin. The skin also absorbs up to 60% of whatever is applied to it....  whether is‘s nutrients and botanical oils, or chemicals and synthetic ingredients from lotions, sunscreens, etc.

This is why it is so SO important to use natural,
non-toxic skincare products!

     Earth Song Farm’s herbal bath teas and salt soaks are unique recipes, carefully created with organic herbs, nourishing mineral salts and pure botanical essential oils. Whether you need to soak your achy muscles, relax your mind, detoxify, soothe itchy skin or just feel beautiful, then we have created a bath soak for you!

Absolutely NO synthetic fragrances,
NO artificial dyes, chemicals or additives!

Herbal Bath Teas....   Fragrant and relaxing herbal baths have been enjoyed many centuries for their healing properties. Pamper yourself with the soothing luxury of a relaxing "spa" herbal tea bath at home. The herbs come packaged in a glass jar with instructions and a re-usable muslin bag. Good for 4-6 baths. Best enjoyed with a cup of herbal tea!
bath herbs

Secret Garden - With aromatic flowers and soothing, emollient herbs. A wonderful way to take the stress out of any day.
Contains: calendula, chamomile, hops and comfrey herbs; with essential oils of lavender, clary sage and geranium.

Woodlands - Like being in the middle of a mossy woods. Refresh and renew your energy.
Contains: juniper berry, calendula, peppermint and rosemary herbs; with essential oils of fir needle, cypress, and lavender.

choose variety
Herbal Bath Salt Soaks....

     Our Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt): Helps relax mind and body. Provides soothing relief from stress, sore muscles, and stiffness. Relieves tension, ease minor aches and pains. Many people are deficient in magnesium and this can be easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is an essential mineral, helping to flush toxins, improve oxygen use, helps muscles and nerves function properly, and improves the absorption of nutrients.
  • Sea Salts (Dead Sea, Celtic or Himalayan): Contains many trace minerals that can be absorbed by the skin, to help detoxify the body. The soothing, softening and healing properties of salt help revitalize and hydrate the skin. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda): Helps balance the body’s pH. Restores blood CO2 and bicarbonate levels back to normal. It also helps neutralize any chlorine from municipal tap water.
  • Dried herbs or botanicals: Dried herbs and flowers are well known for their natural healing qualities and beneficial aromatic scents. Their time-honored healing properties are nature's gift to us.
  • Essential oils: Pure essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. Certain oils can have healing properties for skin, while others offer mood-boosting benefits when used for aromatherapy.

ready for bath
The herbal salts come packaged
in a glass jar with instructions
and a re-usable muslin bag.
Good for 4-6 baths.

Relaxing Soak....  calms mind and body
Take time to unwind and melt your worries away with a blend of botanicals that soothe the spirit and relax the body and mind. Lavender helps relax the mind, and soothe headaches and stress. Lemon balm and passion flower helps calm nerves.

Contains: magnesium sulfate, Dead Sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, lavender buds, lemon balm leaf, passionflower leaf, essential oils of lavender, rose geranium and vanilla.

Invigorating Citrus Soak....  invigorates mind and body
A refreshing, uplifting blend of organic botanicals to energize the spirit and promote health and well-being. Enjoy the aromatic citrus and mint aromas as you renew and hydrate the skin with mineral-rich sea salts.

Contains: magnesium sulfate, Celtic sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, orange peel, lemon balm leaf, mint leaf, essential oils of lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and peppermint.

Soothing Skin Soak....  soothes dry itchy skin
A comforting gentle blend of skin loving botanicals known to help relieve itchy, dry, or inflamed skin due to rashes, eczema, insect bites, and other skin conditions. Oatmeal and Buttermilk help moisturize and soothe the skin. A great bath for babies and children too!

Contains: magnesium sulfate, Dead Sea salt, oatmeal, buttermilk powder, sodium bicarbonate, chamomile flower, chickweed herb, elder flowers, essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot and rosewood.

Sore Muscle Soak....   relax achy muscles
A soothing, therapeutic blend of organic botanicals to soothe sore muscles. Rosemary and thyme are natural pain relievers, and soothe headaches and fatigue. Eucalyptus, mint and thyme help increase blood flow to muscle tissue and also help relieve congestion. Ginger enhances circulation.

Contains: magnesium sulfate, Celtic sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, rosemary leaf, thyme leaf, ginger root, essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus and cypress.

choose variety

Three-Bath Sampler Pack....   Try a sample of three different herbal bath salt soaks. Each individual sampler is enough for one lovely botanical bath. Makes a great gift!
Contains one each of Relaxing Soak, Invigorating Citrus Soak and Soothing Skin Soak. Instructions and reusable cotton muslin bag included.

Therapeutic Clay Detox Bath....

Traditional cultures valued therapeutic cleansing baths back when our world was pristine with clean water, air, and unprocessed, additive free food. Today it is vitally important for regular detoxification bathing, given our toxic soup world of chemicals and other biologically disrupting agents. If the body is clogged up with toxins from the physiological stress of modern living and the chemical assault from every direction, it cannot properly utilize the nutrients in the food that we consume.

When we come to realize that around 65% of body cleansing is achieved via the skin, we begin to look at bathing in a different way. The Japanese in particular, greatly value cleansing and detox baths, so much so that public baths remain very popular. The ingredients in detox baths are absorbed by the skin, providing minerals that support the body’s natural detox systems and overall health. Our therapeutic detox soak contains bentonite clay, mineral salts, trace minerals and pure essential oils.

Calcium Bentonite Clay.... This healing clay absorbs and magnetically pulls toxins and heavy metals from the body. The lymphatic system is also stimulated to deeply cleanse the body’s largest breathing organ, the skin.

detox bath

“Health can be maintained
SO much more easily
with the regular practice
of detox baths!”
Therapeutic Detox Clay Bath....
(2 c. - good for one detox treatment)

Taking your detox bath: Place all of the contents into the tub as it is filling. If there are any lumps, break them up by rubbing between your fingers or on your skin. Soak for 20-40 minutes, relaxing and deep breathing, enjoying the natural botanical aromas. Drink a glassful of water when you’re finished.

Contains: magnesium sulfate, calcium bentonite clay, Himalayan sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, ginger root, trace minerals, essential oils of frankincense, Holy basil, ylang ylang and clary sage.

Therapeutic CO2 Spa Mineral Bath....
(Micro CO2 Enhanced)

Carbonation can occur naturally in spring water as it picks up carbon dioxide from rocks... or CO2 can be forced into water with a “seltzer” maker. This makes a very healthful and hydrating drink.

Spa treatments in Germany use natural CO2 springs. In Japan, artificially enriched CO2 therapeutic drinking water is made.

Bathing in CO2 (carbonated) water....

  • helps reduce high pulse and blood pressure
  • improves venous blood return to the heart
  • increases peripheral blood flow
  • normalizes blood CO2 and bicarbonate levels
  • maximizes natural biological function of the skin - helping all kinds of skin problems

An alkaline-rich diet is best way to reduce toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Bathing in Enhanced CO2 water will assist and speed up this alkalizing process.

Understanding CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the body....

CO2 is a fundamental component of living matter, actually more so than oxygen. It is actually a nutritious gas - not a poison like carbon mon-oxide.

CO2 is as much human food, as plant food - essential for healthy life. Without CO2, we would all die along with everything else on earth.

  • CO2 is produced by every tissue
  • CO2 acts on every organ
  • CO2 is the principal control of respiration
  • CO2 has an essential tonic influence on heart and circulation
  • CO2 controls the cell's oxygen supply, thus regulating inflammatory reactions

The key to low oxygen levels in the body.... is NOT more oxygen, but more CO2!  Low O2 and low CO2 generally occur together. When the CO2 level in blood is low, oxygen is not able to be released from hemoglobin. Therapeutic inhalation of diluted CO2 actually increases oxygenation of blood and tissues.

Most of the CO2 (90%) in blood is in the form of bicarbonates HCO3. When you get a CO2 blood test, it is really measuring your blood “bicarbonate” level.

Therapeutic Spa Mineral Bath.....   (2 c. - good for two bath treatments)
When the contents are mixed in your bath, the ingredients react with the water to create trillions of micro-bubbles of CO2. This form of CO2 easily diffuses across the skin membrane and is more readily absorbed. The CO2 permeability through cell membranes is actually 25x more than O2 (oxygen). Magnesium sulfate and trace minerals are also added to provide extra therapeutic minerals.

Contains: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium sulfate and trace minerals.

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