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   From the woods here at Earth Song Farm, select trees give their "heart" to the creations of Steve Andrews.

   Native Ohio trees including oak, walnut, ash, poplar, beech, maple and cherry are sustainably harvested and turned into beautiful heirloom quality pieces.

   Steve’s love of working with garden plants and caring for the animals at Earth Song Farm also shows in his passion for woodworking. He puts his heart into each design and handcrafted toy, game, cutting board, plaque, jewelry, and much more.
   “Heart of the Tree” is a complete woodworking shop with a CNC router and laser engraver.

   Steve has a background in architecture, graphic and industrial design with many years of experience. He also taught Industrial Arts at Medina High School for 4 years.

   With his knowledge and skills, Steve takes each project through all the stages... from creation and design, selecting wood varieties, planing and cutting boards, carving, sanding, to the final assembly and finishing.
   Heart of the Tree heirloom toys and products are available at Earth Song Farm’s General Store. Also see them at our booth in the Medina Farmer’s Market, held on the square every Saturday morning from 9 am - 1:00 pm during the summer season.
Simple Toys Spark Imagination!

    Cars, Trucks, and Boats....

Sports Car

SUV Car /Mini Van

School Bus

Flat-Bed Truck

Delivery Van

Police Car

Fire Chief Car


Fire Truck
removable ladder, wind-up hose

Tow Truck

Water Delivery Truck

Tanker Truck

Flat Bed Semi Truck

Logging Truck

Tug Boat with Barge

Sail Boat

    Trains and Planes....

Six Car Train for Pre-Schoolers

Seven Car Train for Grade-Schoolers
Basic Train Components

Train Engine with Engineer

Coal Tender

Combo Engine and Coal Tender

Caboose with Conductor



Jet Liner Airplane
Pre-School Train Cars

Shape Sorter Car

Color/Pattern Stacker Car

Fraction Barrels Car
Train Cars for Grade-Schoolers

Gondola Car with Barrels

Passenger Car
with people and removable top

Logging Car with Logs

Dumper Car
dumps to either side

    Other Toys and Games....

Grasshopper Pull Toy

Stacking Star Puzzle

Baby Teethers


Old-Fashioned Music Box

Runner Duck Push Toy

Duck Push Toy

Chicken Push Toy

Color Samples Play Set

Block Puzzle Sets
6 pictures each, 5 themes - Pets,
Bugs, Mythical, Farm Animals,
and Construction Equipment

Connect 4
3-Dimensional Game with cover

Fraction Circles with Storage Box

    Carved or Laser-Engraved Plaques....

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Custom Photo Bar Stand with Names

Custom Plaque with Names and Date

Custom Journal Cover

Gardening Plaque

Open Sign

Medina Gazebo Notebook

    Household and Misc....

Cutting Boards


Heavy-Duty Clothespins
(won’t rust, won’t break!)
More info here.

Pencil Holders

Wine Holder for 2 or 4 Glasses

Laser-Cut Wood Pendants

Garden Markers

Shopping Bag Handler

    Corian Designs....

Carved Corian Trivet
(Flower of Life Design)

Custom Bee Engraved in Corian

Corian Serving Tray

Corian Engraved Lithophane Photos

Wowww!......Watch your photo come to life
when back-lit in a frame or standing in a window!

What is a Lithophane?.....
Lithophanes are 3D photographs that when viewed in normal lighting, look a little dull and lifeless. But when back-lit, they transform into stunning 3D pictures with depth and detail that cannot be seen in a flat 2D photograph.

Lithophanes originate from a process developed back in the mid 1800’s used in mass producing 3D pictures in porcelain. A 3D design was hand engraved into a thin sheet of bees wax that was placed over a lighted candle to show the effect of light passing through the wax. This master design was then used to make a mold for casting designs in porcelain. Varying levels of light will pass through the porcelain depending upon the thickness.

The Greek origin of lithophane work means “light in stone” or to “appear in stone”.

Examples of what lighophanes were used for include Decorative Lamp Shades and Window Panels that came to life when lit from behind and also German Beer Jugs that had a translucent base that turned into a 3D picture once the beer had been drunk. Very few of the original antique lithophanes have survived because the 3D images look crude and worthless unless held in front of a light.

Custom Wedding Photo -
Engraved in Corian

Your Pet with Name -
Engraved in Corian

Your Photo Engraved in Corian -
with LED Backlit Wood Frame

Wood stand for lithophane
with name and date engraved.

(Includes a plain maple base)

Your name engraved on base................$5
Lighted maple frame...........................$25
Lighted walnut frame..........................$35

Includes cropping and touch up. Must have a detailed photo - B&W or Color. Photo will be returned. May also email photo.

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